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Foire aux questions (FAQ)

Les questions les plus courantes des visiteurs et les informations pratiques pour organiser votre séjour parmi nous.

  • How to get to Anticosti Island?
    BY THE AIR Montreal or Quebec to Sept-Îles or Havre-St-Pierre: Air Canada:, 1 888 247-2262 Pascan:, 1 888 313-8777 Pal airline:, 1 800 563-2800 Air Liaison:, 1 888 589-8729 (scheduled flight) Max Aviation Cargo:, 450 656-1710 ​ Sept-Îles or Havre-St-Pierre to Anticosti (Port-Menier): Air Liaison:, 1 888 589-8729 (scheduled flight) Max Aviation Cargair - discount flight segment:, 450 656-1710 BY THE SEA From Rimouski, Sept-Îles or Havre-St-Pierre to Anticosti: Aboard the Bella Desgagnés, operated by Relais Nordik Inc.: Sept-Iles: 418 968-4707 Rimouski: 418 723-8787
  • Where can  rent a vehicle in Anticosti?
    A company offers a vehicle rental service on the island: Location STL Get more details
  • What type of accommodation is available?
    There are several types of accommodation on Anticosti Island: cottages hostels housing cottages campsites For more information, see the hosting page.
  • Can we book a package for Anticosti?
    Some companies offer travel packages on Anticosti: Lac Geneviève outfitter: resort, hunting and fishing packages Sépaq Anticosti: vacation packages in an inn, cabin or campground and hunting/fishing packages Danièle Morin: Personalized guided tours ​ Get more details
  • What type of catering is there?
    RESTO AT MARIO Snack type and menu of the day Excellent pizza with seafood and renowned among other things for its poutine with BBQ sauce. AUBERGE PORT-MENIER Type of host table Certified "Fourchette Bleue", a program aimed at the sound management of marine resources in the St. Lawrence. More information on the program Fourchette bleue.
  • What other services are available in Port-Menier?
    Port-Menier offers several services: Gas station Grocery(418) 535-0129 / (418) 535-0173 / SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec) Hardware convenience Dispensary Post office
  • What types of activities can be practiced on the Island?
    Several activities are available to enjoy the splendor of Anticosti Hiking Cycling Swimming Fishing Water sports: paddle board, kayak, etc. Get more details
  • What's the weather like on the Island?
    Anticosti enjoys a sub-boreal maritime climate, meaning cool summers and relatively mild winters. The average temperature is around -10°C in January and 15°C in July. It is generally warmer there in August and September. Absence of rain (precipitation) frequent during the summer. ​ The air is particularly pure, often charged with an invigorating salty smell. It can be very hot inland, enough to encourage swimming in a lake or river. The wind from the sea makes hiking on the beaches pleasant and comfortable.
  • Are there a lot of mosquitoes?
    No, but this may vary depending on the time of summer as well as the precipitation that has fallen.
  • Is there a marina?
    No, there is no marina on Anticosti Island.
  • Are we allowed a dog?
    All dogs are prohibited on Anticostian territory. On April 21, 1994, a by-law prohibiting the presence of dogs on the municipal territory of Île-d'Anticosti came into force, in order to preserve certain ecological and wildlife characteristics.
  • How many serviced campsites are there?
    There are 4 serviced campsites and a rustic campsite all over the island. Camping is strictly authorized on sites set up for this purpose, according to the municipal regulations in force on the island. Get more details
  • How many inhabitants does Anticosti Island have?
    In winter, there are approximately 150 people who inhabit Anticosti Island, but in summer, the population doubles, not including visitors.
  • What are the must-sees on Anticosti Island?
    Several attractions, visits, viewpoints and activities are to be discovered. Adventure and encounters with nature await you on the Island. For more information on the island's must-sees, see the What to do? page or listen to our podcasts on the island's must-sees
  • How can I contribute to the preservation of places during my trip?
    In order to respect and preserve the unique territory of Anticosti, here are habits to plan and promote around you Adopt ethical behaviors in kind Always consult the fire index at the start of the day Only use designated places to make fires Respect municipal laws and accommodation regulations Find out about the regulations in force in the various natural environments
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