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Getting around the Island requires a little planning. Here are the essential informations you'll need to have everything running smoothly during your stay!


Vehicle rental

Vehicle rental is a practical and effective option to ensure you have pleasant and adapted travels!

It is strongly recommended to reserve your vehicle before your arrival in Anticosti to ensure its availability. 

Location STL

Location STL rents 6 recent trucks (Chevrolet Silverado). These 6-seaters vehicles are 4 X 4, 4 doors and have a large cabin.
Included with the rental:
  • 2 spare wheels

  • Unlimited mileage

  • Delivery of the vehicle 
    (airport, dock, lodge, etc.)

Also available :
  • box cover

  • truck box tent

Martine Sylvestre

111 Chemin de la Ferme, Port-Menier
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0

Phone. : 418 535-0333

Cell Ph.: 418-809-6232

Location Sauvageau


Location Sauvageau rents 15 trucks:

4 x 4 trucks with crew cab for 5 or 6 passengers. ​


It is strongly recommended that you reserve your vehicle before your arrival to Anticosti Island to ensure its availability.


You will find the Location Sauvageau office at Port-Menier airport. ​


Location Sauvageau

Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0


418 535-0157

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