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Here are some tools to help you find your way around the vast territory of Anticosti Island.


Georeferenced map of Anticosti


Here is the Anticosti 2021 map to download on your phone.

How it works ?

A georeferenced pdf map includes location information. You may not know it, but your cell phone has built-in GPS! As such, it can tell you exactly where you are on the planet. When you have access to the mobile network, it downloads a background map and indicates your position with a blue dot. On Anticosti, there is generally no mobile signal! But your phone's GPS function remains functional, even in airplane mode (recommended to save battery). You can use the GPS function by installing an application and find maps for your needs. Several organizations provide them for free.

Destination Anticosti is proud to offer you Anticosti_2021 ; the best map of the island. It will allow you to have all the roads and trails on your phone, the names of places, the camps, the different territories and much more. All of Anticosti Island… It's free and produced locally by Gaétan Laprise (Alex), a specialist in Anticostian geography!

Map of Anticosti - SEPAQ


Travel guide

Map of Port-Menier services

Map of the Pourvoirie Lac Geneviève

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