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About Anticosti Island

Discovering the largest natural island in the

St. Lawrence River


Anticosti Island lives in the imagination of many travelers looking for adventure.

Through its grandiose landscapes, the reputation of its exceptional hunting and fishing grounds, or its mysterious past as a shipwreck island, Anticosti exerts a fascination that calls for adventure and discovery.


With its 222 km, Anticosti Island is the largest natural island in Quebec. It is located opposite the village of Havre-Saint-Pierre, in the St. Lawrence River.

A true natural paradise, the island is home to more than 37,000 white-tailed deer, some 220 species of birds as well as a number of rare and sometimes unique plants. Hunting, fishing and outdoor activities are in the spotlight on our island like nowhere else.

The island's limestone geology, in addition to giving it spectacular landscapes and canyons, makes it an exceptionnal witness of the past. This geological garden is a must, both for scientists and lovers of a change in scenery.

The only inhabited village on the island, Port-Menier, owes its name to the French chocolatier and industrialist, Henri Menier. He acquired the island and developed it from 1895 to 1926. Port-Menier now has approximately 175 inhabitants who welcome each year several tourists coming to experience the sweet adventure of Anticosti Island.

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