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What to do and what to see

Here are some suggestions of attractions to visit and activities to do during your stay on the island. The question: What is there to do on Anticosti Island? quickly becomes: How will I do everything that interests me in Anticosti?

Visiting with a specialized guide

In the expert hands of this seasoned adventure guide, visit the island with Danièle Morin, for a moderate to intermediate adventure.


Several packages available:
  • visit to the Trois-Plaines cave

  • visit the attractions of the village of Port-Menier

  • sea kayaking

  • self-guided hikes

  • ...and many others!

CP 165, Port-Menier
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0
Phone: 418 535-0335

Videos - Anticosti Ecotours

Scuba diving, nordic snorkeling and ecotours (land and sea)

Discover the splendors of Anticosti on land and at sea with our highly qualified team of professionals. Most of our water-based activities are conducted on board our comfortable and fully equipped 24-foot Transport Canada certified inflatable boat.

Scuba diving and Nordic snorkeling tours are available. Our experienced dive guides will help you safely discover Anticosti’s mythical waters that remain pristine and mostly unexplored.

On land, we offer a large variety of activities as well as photo safaris.

For the complete list of all our activities, visit:

Anticosti Ecotours
Tél. : 819 460-5432

Anticosti History, Culture and Paleontology Interpretation Center

A fascinating account of life through the ages: a new exhibition of fossils in Anticosti.


A unique look at the tragic events that led to the first extinction of life on Earth, approximately 445 million years ago.  

The exhibition, offered in French and English, highlights the Anticosti fossils; namely specimens recently acquired by the municipality, following a major donation from the Safari Anticosti outfitter.


This exhibition is prepared by a team experienced in the field, in consultation with André Desrochers, scientific director of the Steering Committee for the nomination of Anticosti to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This low access fee exhibition will be in place at the beginning of summer 2022 at the interpretation center located in the former church of Port-Menier.


Insul'Art shop

Visit the Port-Menier craft shop and find many products made locally by Anticostians. Come see the islanders working there!


  • Paintings

  • Moccasins

  • Inukshuk

  • Clothes

  • Jewelry

  • Beauty products

  • Books

  • Decorations

  • and more!


6, Rue de la Bacchante, Port-Menier
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0

Phone: 418 535-0155

France Garant,
Anticosti furs

France Garant, craftswoman, tanner and trapper, has developed and refined her trapping techniques over the years by analyzing the habits of several wild animals.


On the island, it is particularly the beaver and the fox that she traps.  From their fur, she makes accessories to keep you warm, which she sells at the boutique. Go see her creations and admire her skill.

7, rue du Château d'Eau (corner rue des Menier)
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0
Phone: 418 535-0459


Fumoir Musquaro

Anticosti has a smokehouse on its territory, which offers cold smoked products to discover and to sample. You will find salmon, trout, seafood and cheese for the greatest delight of all! ​


You can get these products on site, as well as at the Cooperative Alimentaire de l'Île d'Anticosti. ​


Fumoir Musquaro

3, rue du Copaco, Port-Menier

Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0

Heritage tour


La Pointe du Château contains several sites to discover, including some part of its heritage circuit.


Discover these places that bear witness to the history of Anticosti: 
  • Villa Menier Touret

  • Four à chaux

  • Baie-Sainte-Claire

  • Baie-Sainte-Claire's Cemetery

  • Pointe-Ouest lighthouse

Pointe du Château

St-Georges lake, Cap blanc road, the jetty & Martin-Zédé path

Hiking and biking


Take advantage of the interpretation panels and observe the birds and muskrats along the St-Georges Canal.

7, chemin des Forestiers, CP 160, Port-Menier
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0

Phone: 418 535-0250



Anticosti Island offers you several little corners of paradise to refresh yourself. Lakes, waterfalls, rivers and canyons await your visit. Check with the tourism office for more information before setting off to discover them.


Bird watching

Many species of birds are found on the Island, including the rare bald eagle, which can be regularly observed at the mouth of the Rivière à l'Huile and Bec-Scie.


At sea, you can also observe the common eider.

In the forest, the ruffed grouse, the spruce grouse and the gray jay await you. 

Discover the birds of the island
For more information, see the article

Credit: Authors Christophe Buidin and Yann Rochepault, Manicouagan Ornithology Club

Download our checklist for your observation session (FR/EN)

Trois-Plaines Cave

One of the longest caves in Quebec awaits you about 30 km from Port-Menier, on the territory of the Pourvoirie du Lac Geneviève.


This cave is a narrow corridor of 419 m long, widened in a few places. Explorers who venture there must be prepared to take an invigorating bath to get to the end, since the water is constantly circulating there.


They will be rewarded with the discovery of draperies, stalactites and manholes (windows). At the end of the cave, we find ourselves on a small canyon in the middle of the forest.  

The tour is for experienced and physically fit adventurers and is not recommended for claustrophobic people.

Image de Annie Spratt


Traditional cache, geocache and EarthCaching


The geocaches are all placed in extraordinary places on the island.  The staff at the tourism office are the keepers of the cache; they will be happy to guide you so that you can discover the beauties of Anticosti for yourselves. The cache contains a logbook and you can drop travel bugs and other trading items there.  Please note that the cache is only available during the opening hours of the tourism office.  

7, chemin des Forestiers, CP 160, Port-Menier
Anticosti Island (Quebec) G0G 2Y0

Phone: 418 535-0250

125th of Anticosti

July 17, 2021 was a memorable day of festivities to mark the 125th anniversary of Anticosti


The day of activities took place on the Villa Menier site, under the theme Hold the lighthouse, proud islanders! 1896-2021

Historical rally, games and short animations were on the program. Tribute concert to Laurence Lepage, songwriter from Rimouski, by the group Salut Lawrence.

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