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Anticosti over time

Anticosti Island's past is marked by several distinct periods that have left traces that are still visible today. Immerse yourself in the history of the island!

Important events

Discover the key events in the history of Anticosti.

The villages of yesteryear

The digitization of the sketches and drawings was carried out by Paul Laurin and by Jean-François Labelle. Information from Luc Jobin.

Sketch of the village of Anse-aux-Fraises founded by Acadian fishermen in 1872. Produced using testimonies from Anticostians, field visits, aerial photographs taken in 1926 and photographs of the village before 1919, date at which it was abandoned.

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The custom officer's house


Built in 1896 to house the customs officer, he had the function to clear all merchandise purchased by the new owner of Anticosti, Henri Menier, a rich chocolatier from France. Today, this house is the last witness of the pretty village of Baie-Sainte-Claire, built at the end of the nineteenth century.

This house was home to two custom officers, until the closure of the village of Baie-Sainte-Claire in 1926. Subsequently, the abandoned house first served as a hiding place for bottles of contraband drink, then became a refuge for guards monitoring poaching. It saw a first restoration in 1970, then a second in 2018, to ensure its durability.


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Wilcox Wreck 1954


Access by the Wilcox campsite, path of a few meters, leading to a staircase of about 45 steps. The wreck is 0.2 km to your right at the foot of the stairs.

Another access is possible by the Patate cottages, walking about 2 km on the shore.

1967 crashed plane


The wreckage of the plane is at the fork at km 68 on the Trans-Anticostian, on your right, about 300 meters from the main road.



Some archives on the history of Anticosti Island


The German attempt to purchase Anticosti Island in 1937

Au pays de Jolliet, by Dollard Cyr in 1946

Bas-Saint-Laurent History Review, 1995

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